About Us

Founded in 2014, The Other is a blog focused on identity and social justice based at Duke University.

We aim to discuss any aspect of our identity such as gender, ethnicity, race, sexuality, religion and class, from a personal or social perspective.

We also aim to explore the intersection of identity and issues of self-discovery, social justice and ethics.

Our Mission

  • Encourage honest self-expression without fear of stigma by maintaining a safe space that guarantees anonymity if requested.

  • Publish quality writing that demonstrates critical reflection, insight and eloquence.

  • Bring together diverse perspectives and facilitate dialogue between communities.


We have three main teams:

  • Writing

    We have a team of staff writers who regularly contribute blog posts on any topic of any genre or style pertaining to identity and/or social justice.

  • Interviews

    We have conversations with prominent Duke scholars, campus activists and other brilliant minds involved in social justice work to bring light on campus happenings. In some cases we invite them to contribute guest columns.

  • Mulmedia Essay Competition

    We organize "Who Am I / Who Are They" Multimedia Essay Contest every spring semester to get quality submissions from talented student writers and artists and contribute to the conversation on identity, diversity and social justice on campus.

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