Blue Devils: United We Stand

In light of recent events, I feel that this is necessary, especially since I will not be able to attend the rally later on in the day.

For those of you that haven't heard, someone wrote "death to all fags" on one of my classmate's dorm room doors, targeting him specifically.

I came to Duke because of its reputation not only as an elite institution, but also as a safe space for all minorities, no matter how you define that term. Yet, two of the most active and commendable groups on campus have been targeted recently- both the Black Student Alliance and Blue Devils United- due to prejudice and immaturity.

Coming to a university, one is supposed to feel safe and at home. Although these incidents that may have seemed like a hilarious prank to the perpetrators, the victims feel nothing but malice and a sense of displacement. Last night, numerous LGBTQ+ students on East Campus didn't even feel comfortable sleeping on this side of campus and sought shelter in rooms on West and Central. Our group already faces so many obstacles, why go out of your way to make people feel unwanted? Us LGTBQ+ students struggled our way to come to terms with our beings- why make it more difficult?

With this in mind, I believe this incident has brought to light the plights of our community, as well as highlighted the sense of camaraderie among us. Yes, one person may have gone out of their way to hurt us, more specifically Jack himself- but there are hordes of people sharing the posts on social media, going to the rally today and supporting the LGTBQ+ community in any way possible.

To this I say: congratulations, Duke. Although some who come here are unwilling to look past their prejudices, we as a University stand together to support one another. So, my fellow LGTBQ+ brothers, sisters, and those who don't identify as either, look around and see that we are loved and that there are people who believe in our equality.
Stop trying to silence us; we are here, we are vocal, and we shall continue to fight for our happiness.

Kendrik is a freshman at Duke University.
Cover Photo @ Duke Chronicle