They call for a “colorblind” world.
They call themselves “woke.”
But would they want to wake up in a world

with gray skies?

And, have they ever found themselves

wanting color in their closet?
talking about greener grasses?
marveling at rainbows?

They call for a “colorblind” world

as if there were something wrong with color.
as if they could erase centuries of history

of loss.
of progress.
of setbacks.
of struggle.
of strengths.

They call themselves “woke”
But stubbornly deny being a part of the problem.

They call themselves “woke”

as if it granted them immunity from being a part of the problem.
as if only bad people did bad things.
as if good people only did good things.


good people can do bad things.


no one is immune to being a part of the problem.