One Heart

One heart beats,
To the clicking of the clock,
To the clicking of,
The trigger before the silence falls,
Like drops of ice-cold blood prickling the air,
Still waiting for an answer.

One heart beats,
Louder than the screeching crunch,
Of broken-glass windows,
That cut open the sores,
Of Dallas, of Orlando, of San Bernardino,
Of those ripped away—gone;
Sleeping in the dreams of,
Another world.

One heart beats,
Despite the panic that seeps,
Into the ground, like rivers of blood,
One heart beats,
Against the emptiness that crushes,
The world into the pressing question of blame,
One heart beats,
While others die,
Lost in the terror of boxed-up corners,

One heart beats,
But it is not ours,
For silence falls,
When the world forgets,
To speak