One Note on Homosexuality

By Anonymous

The United States finally legalized same-sex marriage earlier this year. Now seems to be a legitimate time to clarify a few important aspects regarding homosexuality.

Whether one is born gay or has had any say in their sexuality still seems to be a “controversial” issue for some of us. Frankly, this is getting quite absurd. One might as well debate whether people are born with their hair colour or somehow choose their colour. It is true, however, that parental upbringing has a rather significant impact on the child. It turns out that children that have homosexual parents have a much higher chance of engaging in homosexual activities and identifying themselves as homosexual. Nevertheless, according to many studies, most of the homosexual citizens of the United States were raised under heterosexual parents. This strongly implies an important point: homosexuality is a very natural phenomenon. Approximately 10% of species in the animal kingdom engage in homosexual activities. Although a little less than 10% of the American people have so far admitted that they are homosexual, it adds up to a similar figure if we consider those who are in fact gay, but do not wish to discuss their sexuality yet.

Even if not all homosexual people have declared their identities, why is homosexuality still a controversial topic for so many people in this day and age? Isn’t 5-10% of the population more than enough to fully accept them as normal? Perhaps, it is the Judaeo-Christian upbringings that hinder many of us from fully accepting that homosexuality is, in fact, natural. In the Book of Leviticus 20:13, it states that “[i]f a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination, [and] they shall surely be put to death.” To read this literally is certainly radical. Centuries ago, for the majority of the population that was heterosexual, homosexuality seemed queer and unnatural. Due to the lack of science and proper reasoning of the era, it is understandable this progressive idea was simply unaccepted or condemned. Now that we have strong and abundant scientific evidence to back up that homosexuality is natural, we have every reason to accept and acknowledge it. Many other countries around the world have adopted a similar attitude, as gay couples are acknowledged as civil unions or fully married couples. They realize that the less people feel the need to hide their identities, the happier the society becomes.

It is then safe to say that for a 21st century global citizen, to put their religion or self incredulity forward to speak against homosexuality is pitiful. Vast majority of the LGBTQ community in this country make significant contributions to the community. I have recently made two friends who identify themselves as homosexual, and they are two of the most decent, intelligent, and pleasant people in my dorm. Whether they are gay or straight does not matter to my affection for them and their dorm mates cherish them for who they are. Maybe it was their sexuality that subconsciously forced them to be more outgoing and confident regarding their identities. Or maybe their sexuality had almost no impact on their personality. As far as the general well-being of the community goes, homosexual people contribute to the society just as much as anyone of other sexuality do. Since they increase the general social utility, their personal choices and identity should not be challenged. Thus, even if they somehow “chose” to be gay at a certain point of their life, in a free society that guarantees the pursuit of happiness, this should never matter to their personal freedom and well-being. Homosexuality should be off from the list of “controversial topics” and be taught to children that it is indeed natural.