Tbt to my Asian calculus teacher

When you soon go to university
Without any doubt, you will be so shocked
For small, trivial things. Let me tell you

The Second Law of Thermodynamics
States Mother Nature favours messy things
What is on the floor stays on the darn floor
So you better clean that floor everyday

Once you are outside, freedom will greet you,
But people have the freedom to ignore,
So go up and say hi and dress up too.
Don’t be so shy, everyone is scared too.

Just remember this: life is quite simple.
80% of life is showing up.
Go to student events, go to parties,
Join some clubs, play some sports, get some fresh air.

Once in the library, you will be sad
With piles of books, piles of notes, piles of work
But do not procrastinate, don’t you dare.
Miss the deadline, that’s fine. Get a zero.

By the way, when you sit down, don’t daydream.
Time flies when you daydream, t’will be dark soon.
Pack your lunch, get caffeine, start right away.
High school is over, man. Study big time.

But wait, grades are not proportional to
Happiness, so if you fail an exam
Just move on, like you would in my test.

Best of luck to you
I have faith in you

He was right. Now that I take math here at Duke, I realize that his teaching styles prepped us well for college, that his hard unit tests resembled college midterms, and that all the “fear mongering” stories about college and beyond were just all facts. I miss him. When I go visit my high school, I seriously need to thank him.

Andy is a freshman at Duke University.