The Bird Sleeping in the Wind

By Anqi Pu

I used to live in the regions south of the Yangtze River.
The tender rains falling during the night kissed the moss under my eaves.
I used to listen to the bell ringing in the temple.
You stood next to me, as gorgeous as the lunar.
 I used to write poetries in my native language. The rhythms and tones of Chinese linger on my lip.
I woke up from my dream.
My homeland is thousands of miles away and you are forever away.
I touched the mirror, trying to figure out who the person inside the mirror is.
She is not me, and I’m not her either.
I picked up a bundle of narcissus since I could not find any jasmine all over Durham.
“There is a bird who doesn’t have feet. She sleeps in the cloud and keeps flying. She cannot stop to land on the earth till the end of the time.” The one in the mirror said to me.

** This essay is a finalist entry to the "Who Am I?" Multimedia Essay Contest 2017.