Sex in Society

Earlier in this blog a peer addressed the celebrity sex photo leaks and argued on account of the idea that sex is made a big deal in our society.

I would like to address another side of this issue.
The issue of having your sexuality, in this case your naked body, stolen and put on display for others to see.

In the case of female celebrities, specifically Jennifer Lawrence, pictures that she had previously sent to her boyfriend were exposed for the world to look at through pornographic websites. Lawrence wanted to keep this aspect of her sexuality private, between her and her boyfriend.

To expose someone's intimate sexuality against their consent can be a shameful and humiliating experience. Not only did the hacker steal photographic property, but he stole the dignity and the peace of mind of his victims.

This same crime occurs often in high school settings where naked pictures of teenagers are spread through media such as texting and instagram. Being under the age of 18 or above, does not undermine the crime of exposing someone's intimacy without consent.

Many blame the victims for having the naked images of themselves on their phones or computers and attempt to justify the exposing of the images. While childhood pornography is another issue, holding images in one’s "birthday suit" is a private matter just as it is having images of their pet "Fru-fru."

Victims are promised security and privacy with their media technology and through their jurisdiction. When this privacy is compromised by a horny hacker, entire professional careers, personal lives, and well-being can be compromised in the process.

Do not blame the victim for exercising their right to privacy with their technology. Allow this and many other stories to educate us on the possible risks of exposure and the thieves who disrespect and disregard privacy.

By Anonymous 2