The Relativism of Beauty

Colbie Caillat_Try

My alarm clock blares in my ear, and I jump out of bed to turn it off.
I proceed to turn my room light on so I can get ready for class. On the way, I catch a glimpse of my reflection in my floor-length mirror and I stop.

Hmm…this morning I do not like what I see. That’s odd, I think to myself, because yesterday I wasn’t unhappy about it.

I examine my nose…it’s too big.

I examine my neck…it’s too short.

I examine my skin…ugly is an understatement.

I’m sorry, but according to WHOM?

Society has accepted certain traits and physical characteristics as “beautiful” and “worthy”. According to the latest fashion magazine, or popular celebrity, everyone should strive to look like that, right? Wrong.

The truth is that beauty is relative. As society decides what is beautiful, we change our own perceptions of ourselves. We always have the same facial structure, yet we see it with different eyes as society shifts our own beliefs on true beauty.

Colbie Caillat_Try
Think about it this way, society has deemed acne as repulsive, unattractive, and downright embarrassing. What if it had been the other way around? What if acne was decided to be beautiful and popular? Would that change your perception of yourself? Those with clear skin would be unhappy with themselves because they would have smooth, boring skin. However, people with acne would feel beautiful and confident.

It has gotten to the point where I don’t think we even know what WE personally deem beautiful. We have simply accepted what society thinks the requirements are as our own. That’s just sad, and unacceptable.

How can we possibly judge each other, and ourselves, on traits that we had no say over? We were born this way and we can’t change the way we look. It’s not like I made a mistake and therefore was given an ugly nose. It’s not like you can do something right in order to end up with pretty eyes.

I say beauty is what you want it to be. Choose to feel beautiful. Because you are beautiful. You are you and uniquely you, which to me is true beauty.

By: The Rubber Duck