Casting Blame

Through a twitter handle, the Huffington Post attempted to receive images of people who identified themselves as "transgender" or "gender fluid." The post was successful in receiving hundreds of pictures of people who identified with the said #hashtags. However, because of its exclusive use of images of "transgender" people, the article creates a superficial perception of the sexual orientation.

This media source leaves out the story of what it could possibly mean to be a transgender being.

By only showing the images, the article attempts to show that transgender people can be from any race, ethnicity, and age. While I do not contest this idea, I do not believe that the article makes this idea clear.

By using a large amount of images from regular people (not actors, well-known musicians, or celebrities), the Huffington Post presents the idea that transgender people are presently among us and do not have to fit the profile of the drag queen or always present themselves with heavy makeup and body manipulation.
P.S. A very good friend of mine is featured in this article. His picture is the second link posted. He inspires me in his perseverance of graduating high school and aspirations of college. He is rejected by his family and is constantly ridiculed by his siblings and socially conservative parents.

By Anonymous 2