What About Everyone Else?

Kendrik Icenhour


You know, it is always good to address the strong presence of alcohol on college campuses to ensure that students see what happens when you take it too far.

However, with all of the issues at Duke as of late, why this one?

What about the kids I know who got assaulted trying to get into a frat party?

What about the student who had "Death to all fags" and his name written in permanent marker on his door?

What about the investigations into Duke's sexual assault and rape policies which have let numerous perpetrators continue to be on campus while the victims left bereft of closure?

What about the Black Lives Matter poster which was scratched out with Sharpie in order to read "White Lives Matter, No Niggers?"

What about the Latin@ group Mi Gente being forced to help with recruiting fellow Latin@ students, without any funding or proper workspace?

Out of all of the issues on our campus worthy of receiving national attention, THIS is the one which was picked? Not the ones that show blatant ignorance or racism or down right lack of respect for other humans— instead it's the ones where someone goes too far under peer pressure and is left in critical condition. Not the ones where people are made to feel that Duke University is NOT an inclusive environment, welcoming them with open arms, but the one which demonizes an entire group of women for partaking in something perceived as the "college experience."

Not only is this issue rather commonplace, but what about all of the fraternities who throw down a little bit too hard and send numerous students to the hospital for alcohol poisoning? What about the ones who slip unknowns into drinks to take advantage of those trusting the good in humans? When one of the brothers makes a mistake, the whole fraternity network is not shut down, but the lone fraternity is simply slapped on the wrist, if even that.

I am pleading not only with Duke University but also with nationwide publications to act on the other issues on campus, not just incidents that can be seen as commonplace, but are nonetheless problematic and troublesome.

Kendrik is a freshman at Duke University.