Who gets to define what is “good sex?”

The Catholic church continues to be the home of millions of religious followers. The current pope, Pope Francis, have become iconic for his progressive views and changes made in the church. For all of the church’s history, homosexual relationships and marriage have been forbidden and looked down upon by the church’s doctrines. However, since the new wake of advocacy in legalizing homosexual relationships in the United States and around the world, the church has become pressured to readdress this issue and perhaps modify church doctrine.
Millions of believers follow the church’s doctrine and are strongly influenced by the church’s leadership. For these millions of followers, the church decides what sexual relationship are acceptable in the eyes of God. For them, the church determines what is appropriate or “good sex.” Pope Francis has addressed homosexual relationships said, “Who am I to judge?” Pope Francis has said that if homosexuals believe that Jesus Christ is their savior and are good Christians, he and the church should have no reason to exclude or shun them from the catholic community.
Recently, an American cardinal, Cardinal Burke, spoke against the Pope and said that homosexuality repulses him and should not be accepted by the church. The pope quickly responded to the conservative cardinal by demoting him to a lesser position within the church. This action reflects the pope’s power in determining what the church’s view on sexuality will be. The pope is determined to have the church accept homosexuality and lead the church into becoming more progressive and welcoming to its followers. In the Catholic world, the church leadership determines what is appropriate sex, with little reference from biblical texts. They knowingly control the ideology of millions of relgious followers and therefore, are able to manipulate their ideology. This sparks the question that if the Catholic church did not begin to accept homosexuality, would most of its followers follow by example or would other factors change their thinking, if at all?

By Anonymous 2